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Joint-stock company 'Agroremproject -98' was established in 1998 as a successor of the Institure for repair of agricultural machines, Rousse, which has 50 years tradition in the designing, making and adopting in production agricultural machines.

The universal equipment, combined with the experience of the engeneers from the construction department and the skills of the specialists in the production department, leads to a very quick adoption and implementation in the production process of new machines. A flexible production process has been reached, which helps us to meet the individual needs and requirements of each separate client.

The administrative building of the company


Thanks to the good construction department, the company managed to include into its production process various products such as: airport equipment, paint conveyor lines and other non-standard equipment.

'Agroremproject - 98' JSCo., Rousse, combines the long work experience of the engineers and other technical personnel, and the created from them machines, with new technologies and trends, necessitating from the development of the agricultural sector.

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